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Wedding season is upon us.  And if you includes you, we say Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  This is an exciting time for you and those who you love the most.  As exciting as the day is, it can also be stressful with all the planning involved.  As part of this planning process, many brides consider losing a few pounds of fat.  If this is you, be careful, as the wrong approach to losing fat will actually cause you to gain weight, even before your wedding day.

Everyone Focuses On Calories and Carbs

Most people, not just brides, who are looking to shed a few pounds of fat first turn to calories and carbohydrates.  This is not necessarily a mistake.  In fact, our bodies burn a certain amount of energy (calories) per day just to live and breathe.  Therefore, our bodies require a certain amount of calories just to function.  Generally speaking, when you consume more calories than you burn, your body stores the additional calories as fat.


Therefore, it makes sense to focus on caloric intake when it comes to losing fat.  The idea is that if you consume less calories than your body requires each day, then your body will use the existing fat in your body and convert the existing fat into energy to function.

Other people focus on counting carbohydrates.  Why?  There are many reasons, but we will provide just one.  Well, calories are comprised of 3 types: fat, protein, and carbs.  If your body had a choice in terms of which of the 3 to use to burn energy (i.e. calories), it would choose carbs.  But when you limit your carb intake, your body must look elsewhere (i.e. fat or protein) to use for energy (calories).

What About Exercise?

Most of us have heard that if we exercise more, we will lose more fat.  Part of the reason is that when we exercise, our bodies burn more calories, and if we burn more calories, we will use our existing fat for energy (see above).  Another reason is that if we can maintain a certain heart rate for a period of time, our bodies will burn only the fat stored in our bodies as energy for that time period.


But how many of us know that losing fat is not that easy?

What Is The One Thing You Cannot Overlook

Have you ever noticed that some people can eat whatever they want and never gain a pound while others can eat nothing and still gain fat? If life were simply about counting calories or carbs, then this all-to-often scenario would not necessarily happen.

Yes, your genetics and metabolism (how quickly you burn energy) do play a role, but there is something else that matters too: toxicity.  Yes, the amount of toxins in your body.

There are two types of toxins: water-soluble and fat-soluble.  When you go to the sauna or exercise, you sweat out water-soluble toxins.  However, fat-soluble toxins are stored in your fat cells, right along with the fat.


Here is how it works.  Our bodies were designed to handle a certain amount of toxins.  However, our bodies were not designed to handle the amount of toxins we are currently exposed to.  That is why a study showed that 100% of Americans had toxins in their bodies.

When the toxins (pesticides, hair product, lotions, foods, artificial foods, etc.) go into your body, your body tries to protect you from these harmful toxins by getting them out of your blood stream.  They are then stored in your fat cells where your body will try to keep them.

Why Should You Care?

If you do not address your body’s toxins in your fat cells, you will struggle to achieve a long-term solution to losing and keeping off fat.  Why? Because the toxins can make you gain fat.  As Dr. Carrie Daenell states:

What we didn’t used to know—but now do—is this: the presence of toxins can reprogram your DNA to change your biochemistry to produce fat. On the flip side—the elimination of toxins—can also drive DNA reprogramming back to normal and away from fat production.

The one thing you cannot overlook when losing fat is the toxins found in your body (or should I say, in your fat cells).  When you create a plan that permanently addresses your toxin and fat in your body, then you will be on the path to looking the way you want on the day it matters the most.

Fast Fit Team

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